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Production Hero is the TV & video production management software for production companies. Get more work done with Production Hero's full suite of production tools that let you master your production.

Make the production work for you

We redesigned Production Hero to bring the most powerful productivity tools to a seamless experience in production.

We know that you are a problem solver and we think you deserve the best tools. Succes on a production is when you deliver satisfaction throughout the entire production chain.


A little bit of color to keep you organized and brighten your day. Use the standard color to define tasks or use your own to build the best production plan. 


This a better, faster and more efficient way to view your produdction plan. Add a new crew or a timeline and let Production Hero beautify your production plan so you always have that beautiful waterfall.

Unlimited users

Add, add and add more users. No limit on how many people you can add.

Access control

With the freelancer access you can manage the access to your production and files. This is useful if you need a freelancer to view your production but don't wan't your produciton edited.

Team Collaboration

A collaboration tool to help you and the editorial team to work together on the production. You’re probably know emails - use the team chat to transform your discussions into practical work.

Head of Produciton view

Production helps you track and manage all your productions in one place, so you can check off your to-do list and spend time on the most important tasks. 

We focus on production managers first
  • Make your production plan and generate call sheets for each production day. Only entered once. 

  • Sync call sheet directly with your entire team. No more email lists for every day of the production. 

  • Organise your team conversations. Create a production chat, and everyone will know what is going on. For targeted information, create private chats with team members you invite.

Your workflow anywhere you go

Production Hero's seamless experience throughout the productions lets you take your work anywhere.




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Unlimited users

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