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We know that you are a problem solver and we think you deserve the best tools.
Succes on a production is when you deliver satisfaction throughout the entire production chain.
Production Hero provide the most powerful and flexible tools for production managers on EFP and Studio productions. Production Hero’s unmatched functionality help you accelerate your career, so you get the awesome jobs on cool productions - continuously 

Get in front

Being ahead is key for all production managers to eliminate redoes, needless complexity and extraneous details. With Production Hero you don’t need 10 years of experience as a production manager before you can start a production. You can get up and running with in a couple of minutes. Start fast, so you can use time on details that increases production value - and Impress your head of production.

TV production scheduling

Don’t go worried to bed

It can be devastating to forget lunch for the crew or a budget post on a production.
We believe that forgetting is rooted in the tools, not you.
Let Production Hero keep you on track and reduce errors, so you dont have to redo a recording day.
Production hero let’s you sleep all night, by making sure you are updated on every task and all information.

That's the foundation of Production Hero

Long workdays, dull filter coffee and spreadsheets has been a part of my workday for almost 15 years. I have been a production manager on all most every type of a TV production, from small independent documentaries to large studio shows. From Warner Bros. to TV2 Charlie. No matter what kind of production I work on, my drive is the magic moment when it all comes together in the end. I love it!

Thats the foundation of Production Hero. The dull filter coffee is probably staying, but we provide the tool to flatten the road and reach these moments.

Markus Ramlau, former production manager & co-founder of Production Hero

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