Why Build A TV Production Management Tool?

The short answer is: Because we are passionate about it - and because we believe in production managers!

"Making great TV is all about the right team and tools"

Markus Ramlau, co-founder & former production manager

Everyone involved in Production Hero to a greater or lesser extent is passionate about the fact that tv production managers can easily build and execute tv productions, whether large or small, concrete and described or new and budding.
We believe that changes are best achieved by inspiring tv production managers to do their best - not by point fingers of those who are not doing well. Therefore, we have a positive approach to change: by focusing on good examples and best practices from the best tv productions, we try to inspire others to create change.

Through our work with the best tv productions around the world, we know that overview is crucial for creating a good tv production. This applies to all tv productions regardless of culture, size or nationality. We also see a clear connection between good team communication and the financial results. A high degree of the execution is the prerequisite for cooperation, creativity and innovation.

We will set a new standard for tv production management. Besides design and ease of use, we can do a lot to save time.
This applies both to the tv production manager, who will provide the call sheet, plan, and information sharing to the team. Also the Head of Production, who is currently spending vast amounts of time checking and controlling the tv production is running smoothly.
Our tv production management tool will help the production companies save both time and money. We can with machine learning avoid human errors and we can make sure that all deadlines are met against the customer or the broadcaster.

We have all experienced both the joys but also the frustrations that comes along with a tv production.
We just want to provide an awesome tv production tool 🙌

Production Hero was born out of frustration of redoing work, and solve the same problems on TV productions time and time again.

We want to challenge how you work with productions, by focusing on the fact: you.
Our goal is quite simple; to create an outstanding solution that makes your TV production shine and our egos fly.

Production Hero accelerate your workflow with modern and effective technology that empowers people to get their best work done - together with you. Whether you're working with Studio shows or documentaries, details will make the difference in the end of the production.

Production Hero are small enough to take real pride in each and every function we develop, yet agile enough to take feedback of all sizes - just bring it!

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Markus Ramlau

I'm Markus Ramlau, COO and co-founder of Production Hero. I have 15 years of experience from the tv industry as a production manager.


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