What is TV production management?

The short answer is: The job of coordinating and controlling the activities required to make a TV production, typically involving effective control of scheduling, cost, performance, quality, and waste requirements.

TV Production Management means the responsibility of management principles to the tv production functions in a production company. In other words, TV production management involves work of planning, organizing, directing and controlling of the TV production process. It is observed that one can mark off the beginning and end points of TV Production Management in a production company. Though it is corresponding with many other functional areas of the production company, marketing, finance, etc. Alternately, TV Production Management is dependent of financial and crew management due to which it is very difficult to formulate some single fit definition of TV Production Management.

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TV Production management deals with the following tasks:
1. TV Production planning according to pre pre production, production and post production
2. Forming of production department plans on all the processor chain of production
3. Planning of needs in materials, details, crew members and equipment
4. Planned cost calculation for tv production and its profitability
5. Operative planning of TV production and manual supervision
6. TV Production process accounting
7. Accounting of costs of production and calculation of its actual costing

However, the responsibility of determining the video and content quality and the distribution strategy are normally outside the core of TV Production Management.

TV Production Management As a TV manager are you the person responsible to for running the day to day production operations smoothly. Attending to all the issues that occur – be it bad weather, missing equipment or logistics – in an organization and fixing them and ensuring that the overall TV production runs without interruptions is the role of an tv production manager.

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