TV Production Management is Changed for Good with Production Hero

TV production management can be a chaotic mess. Teams can be large and you need a way to organize and communicate all together. Production Hero is not just a TV production tool, but with the recent update, it becomes a new way of looking at TV production.

TV production management

Have you ever struggled trying to communicate with your team? You’re trying to send them a link or a file, update someone on the status of a milestone, or maybe you're tried to find that file your editor sent you last week? Normally you’d have to send out an email, maybe even two or three. You don’t know if who you’re trying to get in touch with will check their email soon, and you don’t know when they’ll respond. Not to mention the formal feel of emails. That’s why Production Hero has added a supremely organized chat feature.

You can create groups for various conversations about your TV production, these are known as channels. You can make channels for a production, a topic, a team, or really anything. You can use @mentions to notify a member of the group you need their attention. If you’ve got sensitive information you can also create private channels that require an invitation, and of course you can always directly message a member of your TV production.

production hero sign up The chat feature, found in your dashboard, doesn’t stop at just text. Production Hero is all encompassing TV production management. You can share files, images, PDFs, and documents. You and your team members can add comments and star for later reference. The best part of this TV production tool though is the ability to search. Everything you put in Production Hero is automatically indexed and archived, ready to be searched and accessed whenever you need it. The chat also lets you give status updates on important milestones so that the right people are instantly updated, helping your team stay on schedule.

Production Hero

Say goodbye to chaotic collaboration

Forget the outdated days of searching for the right email with the right comment, feedback, or approval. With Production Hero the archives have everything at your fingertips. All comments are threaded, meaning they always stick to the conversation or file they’re about, so you’ll never be stuck searching for a comment, it’ll be right where you need it.

Another great way to use Production Hero’s new chat feature is for onboarding new members on your TV production team. You can easily introduce them to their new colleagues and you’re only a quick message away if they have any questions. This really is the do it all TV production tool.

Maybe you don’t share files that often, or maybe you have a more casual and fun TV production. You can still benefit from this new and improved way of TV production management. Links generate instant previews, so if you share a link your colleagues will see exactly what you’re sharing right inside of Production Hero, everyone will be able to see it without wondering if your email looks the same on everyone’s device.

Streamline your production!

If you’re looking to streamline your TV production management then Production Hero, with it’s latest update, is the TV production tool for you. The new chat feature really makes it the do it all platform, keeping you organized and your TV production on track.

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