Top 5 Reasons To Make A TV Production Plan With Production Hero 🎥

Production Hero aims to empower and connect teams, allowing every member of your studio production to focus on what they do best. The latest update revolutionizes the way teams create and manage their TV production plan. First, we’ll explain the ins and outs of Production Hero's TV production schedule platform, and then we’ll get to the top 5 reasons production managers use Production Hero.

TV Production plan

Every studio production needs a well planned timeline, but sometimes you can’t always stick exactly to the plan. Sometimes you’re ahead of schedule and sometimes you fall behind. Having a flexible TV production plan is the key to being adaptable and successful. So, why waste time on a time management system that doesn’t adapt with your TV production schedule? Production Hero not only visualizes schedule management, but is flexible to fit your needs.

Work smarter with TV Production schedule

Gantt charts, which show the start and finish dates of milestone tasks and summarize the major parts of a studio production, are widely used, but they just aren’t intuitive. Gantt charts aren’t always easy to follow along with and can be time consuming to set up and make changes as your TV production plan changes. Production Hero takes the main concept from the Gantt chart and makes it better. You now can easily create visual timelines, schedule everything, and manage your crew and their workload; all in one single glance.

TV Production plan

A production plan is extremely important for any studio production. It helps you see the big picture, see what team members are working on, synchronize tasks, and set deadlines. Being able to visualize your production plan is even more useful for production managers. Production Hero's revolutionary production schedule helps add transparency, so that managers can see what every person of their production team is working on and identify delays. This also helps production managers plan for the future because they can analyze what has caused delays in the past.

Synchronize your TV production schedule

Production plans and production schedule are usually just an excel file that only one person has access to and changes need to be sent out to the whole production as necessary. This means if you have to change something on your production plan you’ll have several different versions, which just sets your team up for confusion. Production is web-based. That means you can make instant changes that anyone on your team with access can see. Your team can also update their status right there on the production plan. Production managers will know exactly what is happening at every stage of the studio production.

Production Hero

Why do production managers create production plans and schedule with Production Hero?

If you aren’t totally convinced yet, here are the top 5 reasons production managers love Production Hero:

  1. It helps keep the studio production on track and provide easily viewable timelines. Production Hero leaves very little space for confusion and helps clearly outline deliverables and milestones.
  2. The chart is easy to see and easily accessible by all production team members. Which means every member completely understands the expectations and timeline of the TV production.
  3. The TV production plan on Production Hero helps show how tasks relate to one another and clearly identifies dependencies.
  4. Production team members can help collaborate more, they can see the tv production plan and understand where resources need to be allocated or shared.
  5. It allows production managers and decision makers to look ahead and ensure that each project is working towards the production company’s strategic goals.

So, now that you know why you need a TV production plan, and you know that Production Hero is the best way to plan your studio production; so what are you waiting for? Get to planning your latest tv production now!

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