The Basics Of A TV Production Schedule

Is it really accurate to talk about production when the theme is TV? For production, it smells of fixed procedures, known milestones, and defined requirements - while TV is being developed according to a plan that is constantly changing as one learns from its TV production. The requirements for your TV production changes, and sometimes quite unpredictable.

When we still use the term TV production, it's because we can look at the whole challenge of planning and managing TV production from two sides. On the one hand, as TV production manager, you need to be effective: do the right things and continuously select the right freelancers to execute the TV production. On the other hand, you need to be efficient: do things right and find a working method for shooting days and post work etc, to minimizes waste and maximizes knowledge sharing. It is this other side, we call TV production management, which is important for a small local crew and for a distributed team that may be located in several places in the country.

A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week. - General George Patton US Army

TV Production Schedule

In war, and perhaps also in love, you know that the goal is moving all the time. The same goes for the execution of TV productions. Because when it comes to TV rating, we can not react reactively to the viewers and follow the advice of the many books on business development that tells us that we need to find a niche, create a show in the niche, be good at producing too low costs, Build barriers to keep competitors out - and then there, we have a business. When we make music, fashion, food, art - and of course TV experience, we create a market for the experiences we make.
Therein lies a very central premise: For most people, it is difficult to make a TV production schedule from the beginning. And even harder to follow it to the point in a TV production - for every step you take, you get a new understanding of your goal while the target is most likely to move.

This means that the best TV production schedule in the world is a plan that can embrace and accommodate changes, and which continuously relies on the chronic conditions in the development of tv production as a creative discipline. Namely, that you learn something about the TV production as you create it. The planning thus becomes more important than the plan itself.

TV production schedule

What is a TV production schedule?

A TV production schedule is a collection of relevant information about one's TV production in a single plan that is easily readable and well-intentioned so that everyone (including yourself) can refer to the production schedule.

It might be good with a TV production schedule to be able to go back and see your initial choices.
For all customers or broadcasters, it's a good idea to have a TV production schedule based on the fact that they understand what choices you have taken and why you have taken them, and they may provide feedback on your choices. In this way, the customer and the producer can communicate together based on the TV production schedule.

Of course, it also depends on the size of the TV production. It may not be necessary at all with an extensive TV production schedule if the TV production is very small with few elements and ongoing themes.

The TV production schedule is the main plan where pre-production, production, and post-production are included and may vary from 14 days to 6 months. The purpose is to create an overview of the consequences of implementing the expected production. The consequences typically concern the following conditions:

  • Margin
  • Liquidity requirement
  • Capacity requirement

Thus, the TV production schedule helps the production company to answer the following types of questions:

  • Does the production company have sufficient liquidity?
  • Does the manufacturing company have sufficient production capacity (in-house resources)?
  • Can the manufacturing company now acquire freelancer with a long delivery time?

There are really many things that you basically need to deal with before embarking on your TV production plan. There may be times when you either lose courage or overview along the way. And there may be times when you feel flying. But keep in mind that it's you and your team, whether it's an internal or external team, so you'll have to play together, all together to complete the course.

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