Top 8 Questions you Need to Answer in a Call Sheet

Without a call sheet your video production is likely to be a complete mess. It is your production crews key to success, the guide to the end product. You want to make sure that your call sheet is preemptively addressing your video production crew’s questions, saving you time and stress. It’s also important to make sure that everyone has equal access to your call sheet, Production Hero makes that especially easy, but first let’s go over the top 8 questions you need to be answering on your call sheet.

1. What is my call time?

Most call sheet templates come with a place to enter the general call time. However, you can make your call sheet even better by indicating individual call times. This makes the most productive use out of everyone's time and keeps everyone on a specific schedule.

2. When is lunch?

This may sound like a silly question, but your crew will want to know when they can expect to eat lunch. Want to make it extra amazing? Production Hero gives you space to add your lunch menu in, this way people not only know when lunch is but what lunch is.

Pro Tip: Ask ahead of time if anyone has allergies or dietary preferences so you can make your lunch menu perfect for everyone.

3. What should I wear?

You might assume that everyone just knows what to wear, but don’t do that! Make it easy for your crew to know what to wear. For example, if it is a studio shoot make sure they know to wear all black, shooting outdoors in the woods? Your crew might want to wear rubber boots to keep their feet safe and dry.

Pro Tip: Add in the weather forecast and the sunrise and sunset, if your shoot requires daylight. This way your video production crew can be adequately prepared for the day.

4. What do I need to bring?

This includes the basics, like bringing rubber boots, but also the more specific needs. Is the DP bringing the lenses? Is the runner going to bring a printer from the office? This lets your crew know what you will have already at the shoot and let those who are designated to bring things know what day to bring them.

5. Where am I going?

This one is obvious, of course you need to tell your crew where to go, but make it easy to find. The address of your location should pop out so that anyone can see it at first glance and easily reference the call sheet on the go.

Pro Tip: We find location so key that when using Production Hero your location will be set up with a maps pin so that your crew can get directions with one click.

6. Where can I park my car?

Sometimes parking isn’t an issue and everyone can drive and find parking easily. However, this isn’t always the case. In some locations parking is hard to come by and might require some searching, so it’s important to include the parking situation in your call sheet so your video production crew can plan accordingly. You can even suggest public transportation if you think that will be easier for everyone involved.

7. Who do I call?

Your video production crew needs to be able to get in touch with you, so make your contact information clear on your call sheet for them. Don’t leave them guessing!

Pro Tip: You can include other contact info, in the event that you can’t be reached have a backup plan.

8. When can I go home?

Your crew wants to know when they are done for the day so that they can resume their personal life. This is especially important to your crew members with families or after work plans. So let them know! No one wants to work indefinitely or unexpected overtime.

Pro Tip: Count the hours to make sure you aren’t hitting overtime.

So, now you know what questions you need to address on your call sheet it's time you started making the most effective call sheets every. One way to do just that? Use Production Hero! It’s simple and intuitive and lets you easily share the call sheet with every member of your video production team. Never leave someone in the dust or miss call times due to miscommunications. Get everyone on the same page!

Markus Ramlau

I'm Markus Ramlau, COO and co-founder of Production Hero. I have 15 years of experience from the tv industry as a production manager.


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