Production Schedule Template (FREE)

Production Schedule Template

Effective production management requires an efficient production schedule. That's why I've collected a number of simple tips and a free production schedule template for you who would like to streamline your production management. We use to production schedule to plan small internally productions or when we were production managers on major TV productions.

The consequence is that we save valuable time, we get the resources optimally distributed, and we execute and deliver the show on time. In other words, there are really many good reasons to invest some time in production scheduling.

TV production schedule Template

What is a production schedule template?

A production schedule template is a simple tool that creates an overview. The possibilities are endless; For example, you can make the schedule in Microsoft Excel or Production Hero, draw it in hand or on the wall, create tables in Word.

Even I used Excels spreadsheet. They are manageable, easy to go to and edit in, and systematically by nature. However, it requires you to be well-structured or it easily becomes very complex.

Excel can more or less everything you want it to. It just requires you to see it for yourself. You need to know what overview you are trying to create for yourself, and the key low-practical and concrete approach. Once you've decided what the schedule is going to be, just start creating.

Here you get an example of a widespread type of production schedule template that I'm reviewing, and you can download a simple template to the bottom of the post. I call it a production schedule template.

The Production Schedule

This production schedule template is one of the major classics in TV production. Here you can see the production breaks down into phases, tasks, and deliveries. The structure is very simple; A horizontal timeline and the production content listed vertically downwards.
This way of producing production schedule is also called a Gantt chart. It shows production elements and, not least, their placement on a forward-looking timeline.

This type of production schedule template is virtually indispensable in most productions companies, departments, and teams. It gives the overall overview of the ongoing TV productions.
Here is a simple example - a television production in three stages, where time is measured in weeks:

The production begins in week 1 and extends through week 15. So, everybody in TV production knows what deadlines are working with and when they are going to spend time on the individual tasks.

Download Production Schedule Template

Markus Ramlau

I'm Markus Ramlau, COO and co-founder of Production Hero. I have 15 years of experience from the tv industry as a production manager.


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