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Is your video production making the most of all of its resources? The answer is likely no. So many video production companies scale staff according to projects, but there’s more you can be doing to optimize all of your resources. In order to maximize the end product, high-quality content, your team needs the best tools available and a concrete, transparent video production plan. At Production Hero we know this, and we’re here to show you what you’re missing and how to optimize your resources.

Transparent Workflow

Successful video productions start with a hand-picked, specialized team. Each team member has their own job, and when done properly, come together to create awesome content. They key to flawless teamwork is a transparent workflow. How do you create a seamlessly transparent workflow? You give each team member access to the video production plan. This is one of the beautiful things Production Hero integrates into your video production. The ability to easily share updated video production plans.

Production Hero Production Video Planning

Pro Tip:

We suggest breaking down your work with the video production plan into 15-minute chunks. It helps give you and your team a realistic idea of how much time is on the clock and how fast it can get away from you. With this tip and Production Hero never find yourself saying “I wish I had more time” again!
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Loose the bottlenecks

Time is money and you don’t want to waste either. Production Hero allows every member of your team to see every task, description, and who’s next in line. The workflow is always clear and updated in live time so no one is ever waiting for their work, they always know when it’s their turn. Nothing gets stalled by one person because everyone can see the assembly line, there’s never confusion or miscommunications. It creates a truly integrated, seamless video production; which helps you create better content, faster!

Pro Tip:

You may already under-schedule your days a little bit, just to stay ahead of any possible issues, but try having a bonus shoot schedule. This allows for scenes to be quickly picked up and shot if things are running smoothly and you’re ahead of schedule.

Production Hero Production Video Planning

Get the big picture

You can have more than one video production plan in Production Hero. We know that you usually have more than one ongoing project, keep it all straight with the Master Plan. The Master Plan lets you keep track of all your progress and resources. You can easily see gaps, between projects and individual tasks. You get the big picture with the fine details. You can easily reorganize and move resources across projects in order to optimize time on your video productions. Easily see anything stopping your team’s momentum and minimize the damage instantly.

With Production Hero your video production is destined for greatness. You get the ease of reviewing and optimizing the allocation of resources and budget all in one place. Keep all your teams up to date with current progress and roadblocks so that everything runs as smoothly as possible. Enact a simple video production plan that encompasses your many projects and instantly give access to what matters most to who needs it. Keep you and your team on the same page and focus on the important stuff, making high-quality content, and not sweating the nitty-gritty planning small stuff. Production Hero has you covered.

Production Hero Production Video Planning

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