New feature: Head of Production Overview

Head of Production overview

Head of Production Overview is your shortcut to oversee all productions. It is your company's overall production plan. With Production Hero you get an overview of the phase of production and when you have resources for a new one.

We began rolling out the first version of Head of Production overview to give you and your production team a better way to plan, organize, and track anything you’re working on.

We're building Production Hero to be a place where everybody can cooperate easily, regardless of what part of the production they’re in or no matter what role they’re in. With that in mind, today we’re starting to roll out our first version of Head of Production Overview

Production Hero is giving you another approach to arrange, organize, and track anything you're working on, any way you need.

Production teams have been visualizing their work in columns on spreadsheets for quite a long time. From the giant spreadsheets covered with notes, to mass messages with updates, the Head of Production Overview is a natural, visual approach to overseeing work that is moving through production stages.

With this initial version of Head of Production Overview, visual thinkers can now organize and track their production from within Production Hero.

Production Schedule

All your productions, all in one place

When production companies plan, the time horizon is typically long and it is therefore important to have an overview of how many employees will be involved in the production process, what and how many freelancers are to be used, and especially if the production budgets are complied with. In other words, it is necessary to have an overview of efficiency and productivity, because only in this way the production company can assess whether it is able to execute the production that is planned in the most profitable manner.

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