How to run an EFP video production with Production Hero

Add WOW To Your Workflow

Setting goals are probably one of the most powerful exercises.
Sure, video productions can take you in many directions, but the unexpected don't have to take you off the track.
Make sure your hard work benefits the things you want most. Production Hero can be a great tool to help to stay on track and organize all of your goals.

Easily one of the most exciting aspects of working with productions is taking a production plan and see it run in every aspect. But you probably have more than one video production, and it requires to get the overview and keep it.

In this plan, we have seven productions running at the same time. When a production manager makes changes in one of the video productions, it is updated real-time in the master plan. Use it to track your year's success.

Head of Production Schedule

Just like how you only get one chance to make a first impression, you only get one chance to execute your production plan. That’s why the right workflow is essential for success.

TIME expectations for the video production

The plan is set up to house general information of the 3 stages of your EFP production:

  • Pre-production
  • Production
  • Post-Production

The plan runs from left to right towards completion, with a line giving the status of the video production.
Production Schedule

NEXT: be more specific

Use timelines to explain what your team needs to go through in order to succeed.
Running an EFP production probably mean a lot of different shooting days, with different people on some of the days. Add the team members you want to do each task, and invite as you hire - You can invite as many people you want. No limits. Your team will always be updated in changes.

Everything can be moved around as you wish, and if you need Production Hero to set up everything, you just hit "align" in the left corner.
Video Production Schedule

EFP ready call sheet

Your video production plan already has all call sheet ready for your EFP production.
They’re essential for your shooting days, and you can always find them in the top bar.

It's important for us to make you as efficient as possible. In the call sheet, all your crew in your production plan is already typed in with every detail. Save the time and use for something more fun.

Once your team is invited, they're always updated, real-time. Urgent changes can be pushed out, and you can track who read your call sheets, and more important who don't.
Production Schedule

BETTER collaboration

Imagine the production office without internal email. How much time would you save not running through messy “reply-all” chains?

The last thing we want to do is raise your blood pressure. So we wouldn’t give you this radical change without a very good alternative in place.
When you combine the power of the production plan and the Hero Chat, you get your video productions organized via instant communication.

Is “reply-all” an all-consuming part of your day? Let you and your team be more productive, by switching out the internal e-mails and use Hero Chat as the productions Dropbox, to benefit of the fastest collaboration tool you ever tried. When you created the video production, you already have a channel named after the production. Use this to collaborate with your editorial team.

If you use google docs for the script, paste the link in the channel, and pin it. Then everybody has access to right document so that nothing important gets isolated on a local drive. No one wants a vacation interrupted over a missing document!

Use the channel to Drag N drop:

  • Location pictures
  • Reference videos
  • Documents
  • Files
  • Links

Or send important messages to your entire team at one time.
- everything is always archived under that production, and completely searchable.

Production Hero Chat

Keep your content

When you finished a production you simply archive it, and you can easily find it and activate it if needed later on.

This workflow will ensure that your individual actions match up with your most important goals and greatly improve your chances of completing your video productions in the best way possible.

'Nuff said. Try it out here:-)

Markus Ramlau

I'm Markus Ramlau, COO and co-founder of Production Hero. I have 15 years of experience from the tv industry as a production manager.


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