How to Plan Multiple Video Productions in Production Hero

You’ve got a great team that knows how to produce amazing content, this is the easy part of video production. The tricky part is getting the various different team members working seamlessly together to create that amazing content in a timely, scheduled manner. Creating an overview is usually reserved for the top level of the video production. Sometimes it's as simple as a locally stored excel file, with only one point of access, the owner. Save time and money with Production Hero and say goodbye to the days of secretive video production overviews.

Production Hero Collaboration

Production Hero lets you set up multiple projects, allowing each to have a detailed comprehensive video production plan, as well as large overviews. Easily set up the general information of your pre-production plan, your production plan, and your post-production plan. Add people to their parts as needed, and remove them as needed too. Add your production manager to let them take over and update the schedule as needed for all to see. More than one production manager? No problem! You get unlimited users with Production Hero, just add your production managers to their corresponding projects. You can easily see who your teams are on each project as well.

See everything in timelines

Now that you’ve got your outline all set it’s time to start adding the key elements for your video production. Production Hero gives you specific locations to add in these key elements to your video production plan. You’ve got space to enter your casting, location scouting, shooting, editing, client approvals, and final delivery schedule. This gives you the power to see everything on one timeline and make changes that are instantly reflected in everyone else's schedule as well. The video production plan in Production Hero is a living document, you don’t have to manually send out updates and have various different versions, it’s just one, master schedule. Want more tips on running your production? Check out our blog post titled How to run an EFP video production with Production Hero

Production Hero Production Video Planning

The Master Production Video Plan

Every project your company sets up on Production Hero can be found in the Master Plan. The Master Plan is an overview of everything your company has going on, all the video productions currently and those coming up. It gives you a real-time overview of everything that’s going on, in every video production. This Master Plan allows you and your team members to anticipate bottlenecks and adjust your plan accordingly. This lets you optimize your time and focus on creating content, not on updating schedules and fixing issues.

You might be wondering how Production Hero can save you money. Easily! And in so many ways! With the Master Plan overview, you can see all the video productions your company is currently working on. Not only can you get a count on these projects but you can see when different projects are scheduled to complete work. This means if you’ve got several projects shooting on the same day you know if you’ll need to rent additional equipment or reorganize the schedule. You can also see end dates, so you’ll know when you’re wrapping up and ready to take on more projects. This helps so you never lose momentum and keep everything running smoothly.

Production Hero Master Video Production Plan

A Hero by your side

Production Hero sets your video production up for success. Keep all your team members up to date on the latest updates, so that everyone knows where to be and what to do, without sending individual emails. Stay on top of all your projects using the Master Plan, to make sure the company as a whole is running efficiently. Don’t waste time manually updating each and every member of your team every time you need to make an adjustment; let us handle that. Never feel like changing your schedule does more harm than good, causing confusion and lost money. Never be caught off guard again by staying in front of possible problems and reorganizing resources and schedules with Production Hero.

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