How to Boost Your Post Production Workflow With Production Hero

Everyone wants to get better, faster or more efficient. Production Hero helps optimize your post production workflow and organize your post production in a way that makes sense. It allows you to carefully plan out each and every step in your post production workflow. But that’s not all it does.

When you’re in the post production phase and you’ve got multiple stakeholders it's important that you and your team deliver. Things happen, schedules change, problems arise. The best is ready to handle these things, ready to set a new plan in action to make sure the post production workflow remains smooth. This used to mean updating a file on a local computer then manually sending out each and every update to every team member. Making sure to let all members know individually what’s changed and getting important messages and updates to everyone. It meant keeping track of your files and the most recent version and making sure everyone on the team had that same, up to date file. But those days are over with Production Hero.

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Lose those costly detours

Gone are the sleepless nights where you wonder and worry who understood the latest update. Don’t stress anymore if every team member was able to check their email and took notes of the changes. No longer do you have to worry about making changes on the fly, you can be as adaptive as needed to get this through post-production, with Production Hero.

Your team needs to know what the post production workflow looks like. They need to have transparency to know what is expected of them, but also to know where the project is in the post-production phase. Your team works almost like an assembly line, each member needs to complete their task before moving on to the next task. If one team member doesn’t do what they have to do or doesn’t know it’s even their turn yet, then your production is likely to suffer. This results in costly detours and may even prohibit you from completing your project on time, which leads to unhappy customers. Don’t let that be you! Give your team the concise, transparent post production workflow they need to succeed.

Your post production workflow

We’ve found that the easiest way to get started on your post production workflow is to start from the end. Set the delivery date of your project first, so that you’ll always have that reference point. Keeping your deadline in mind you’ll then want to add in all of the other components of your post production. For example, you want to make sure you include:

  • Load of material
  • Pre-Edit
  • Edit
  • Review - internal
  • Review - customer
  • Color Grading
  • Sound Mix
  • Dubbing
  • Export and versioning
  • Master - Upload

Now that you’ve got your post production workflow all laid out it’s time to get everyone on board. We’ve found that due to the incoherent layout of post production plans before, not every team member actually follows your post production workflow. With all the different files you previously had to send, it makes sense, people don’t want to work extra hard just to understand your post production workflow.

Production Hero Production Video Planning

This is where Production Hero shines. Simply just add your team members to your post production workflow in Production Hero and never worry again. Team members will get live updates and never have to worry about which file version is correct. It just makes it easy for them to follow your post production workflow, and easy for you to monitor the status of your project. Each task has a description available for you and the team member working on it, so everyone knows what is being done or needs to be done and who is responsible for it.

This living post production document allows for collaboration. The progress line quickly gives you a visual status of the production so that in one glance you know what is going on. It allows for ultimate clarity. We even have an integrated HeroChat functionality. You can create a channel and add all of the post production team members. The possibilities are limitless, but here are a few of our favorite ideas. Use it to share:

  • Proxies
  • Links
  • Updates
  • Reference Pictures

This keeps everyone in the loop and prevents things from slipping through the cracks.

Production Hero Production Video Planning

Go back in time

So, now you’ve finished your production, you’ve scaled down your staff, but you're facing the same problem you’ve faced before. Instead of wracking your brain trying to remember what you and your team did the last time just check back in your archives. Yes, that’s right, Production Hero doesn’t just archive the final product, we archive everything. Using HeroChat, all internal collaboration is stored, so when you need to do the next
project for that client, use all the know-how your team learned. This makes the onboarding of new team members super easy as well.

There are other ways Production Hero can simplify your life, but we’d be here all day talking then! We know you’ve got bigger things to focus on, like getting your post production workflow in action!

Production Hero Production Video Planning

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