How To Make The Perfect Call Sheet

A tool for creating a call sheet that works for everyone

There are many challenges to face when making a call sheet on a production that consists primarily of freelancers. In particular, it’s time consuming to make a call sheet that suits you and your freelancers. You have probably tried to spend hours making the perfect call sheet, after which you have to postpone by 2 hours because of the cast.
To get a call sheet to work, you need insight into a lot of logistics teams. How many freelancers do you need depends on how busy you expect to each individual day to be. And the freelancers’ qualifications also play a major, if not decisive role in, how the call sheet can be put together.
With so many logistical ends to keep track of, the call sheet can take a lot of your time. Fortunately, there are different ways you can do it all a bit easier and much more efficiently.

Use an online call sheet template

You can save a lot of time by having a basic call sheet template, which you know by experience, works for both you, the company and the crew. In a call sheet software, you can save the call sheet as a template and use it over and over again.
When you need to make the call sheet a new day, it takes you minimal time to drag the freelancers into the call sheet template. Freelancers know what they can count on, which makes it easier for them to make everyday life work out. But first of all, of course, you need a call sheet to suit everyone’s needs.

Send your online call sheet in time

Many companies put ups the call sheets in the company and it is not always in best of time. It can create problems for both freelancers and production managers because the freelancers may have to ask for a change at the last minute, and the production manager is responsible for coordinating it all.
However, all of this is done with an online call sheet software.
It will be much easier to send out the call sheet in good time, and you and your freelancers can resolve any conflicts in advance.
When you have a call sheet that works for your business, you can use it as a call sheet template as the scheduling tool. Then you can only use your call sheet template for shooting day after shooting day and just make the customizations that are required for each shooting.

Call sheet template

Open communication

Communication is the key to success with a call sheet. Both production managers and freelancers need an overview of who works when. If there are changes, everyone should know.
Production management can make communication between production managers and freelancers much easier because it can take place through one platform. Production managers can send a quick message to the freelancers that they receive. Then everyone is updated when the watch begins.
Freelancers can send messages to the production manager, if have questions or similar to the call sheet. How to keep an overview, but do not need to coordinate and micromanage it all.

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