Awesome Video Production - Deserves Awesome Team Communication

Production Hero enables a scalable and super flexible production workflow.
Stop losing pace with reply-to-all wars and buried email messages. Get work done where you need to, so you can unplug when you want to.

Organize your team conversations. Create a production chat, and everyone will know what is going on. For targeted information, create private chats with team members you invite. To reach a colleague, send him or her a message directly. It is completely private and secure.

Everything in Production Hero is automatically indexed and archived so that you can have it at your fingertips whenever you want.

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Less email. More productive

The key is that your team is up to date. The best way to that is to eliminate silos and bottlenecks, so nothing falls through the cracks..

Imagine the production office without internal email. How much time would you save not running through those messy “reply-all” chains?
When you combine the power of the production plan and the Hero Chat, you get your video productions organized via instant communication. When you update e.g. a call sheet in your production plan, you can push it out to your entire team with one click.

Production Hero Chat

Is “reply-all” an all-consuming part of your day? Let you and your team be more productive, by switching out the internal e-mails and use Hero Chat as the productions Dropbox, to benefit of the fastest collaboration tool you ever tried.

When you created the video production, you already have a channel named after the production. Use this to collaborate with your editorial team.

If you use google docs for the script, paste the link in the channel, and pin it. Then everybody has access to right document so that nothing important gets isolated on a local drive. No one wants a vacation interrupted over a missing document!

Production Hero Chat

Use the channel to Drag N drop:

Location pictures

  • Reference videos
  • Documents
  • Documents
  • Files
  • Links

Anything.. Really!

When you finished a production you simply archive it, and you can easily find it and activate it if needed later on.

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